20-sim 4C 2.1.11

20-sim 4C 2.1.11 has been released. This build contains several bugfixes and a few improvements:

2.1.11 (9 October 2018, build 4567)

General Improvements:

  • Add 20-sim 4C version tokens
  • Add 20-sim 4C version information to the model configuration file (MCF)
  • Stored connections in the TXP rely on correct ordering in the TCF. Extra validation using the port name and component name added. Mismatched connection are deleted.
  • Bachmann: add 20-sim 4C version information to the compiled module
  • Bachmann: Do not always write the MCF on exit
  • Bachmann: Add checksum to the MCF. No/corrupt/invalid MCF? Don't start the task
  • Bachmann: Check MCF checksum before applying changes
  • Bachmann: Add a GUID to the MCF and the compiled module to make sure that the MCF and module belong to the same model version
  • Bachmann: Add extra log messages around MCF writing and I/O open/close to facilitate debugging
  • Bachmann: Use FTP for file upload if possible (faster uploading for large models)
  • Bachmann: Update our template based on the Solution Center V2.25 C-module template (gcc 2.95)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: Bachmann: Using the DI232 in 20-sim 4C 2.1.10 gave a compile error.
  • Fixed: Bachmann: Misleading status message "submodelname received RcpStop" during PLC boot.
  • Fixed: changing ip or hostname for an existing target did not result in an online status without closing/reopening the project.
  • Fixed: Memory free errors Bachmann (double free under certain fault conditions).
  • Fixed: Code generation with modified output directory in 20-sim results in a project at the wrong location.
  • Fixed: Bachmann: Update minixml code to v2.11 (bugfixes, memory allocation/deallocation fixes).
  • Changed: Allow collecting all I/O intialisation errors before aborting the task initialisation.
  • Changed: Bachmann: Module does not abort SVI variable registration anymore after the first error.
  • Changed: 20-sim 4C CHM help was always on top. This hides the 20-sim 4C window on small screens.

Download 20-sim 4C here.


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