20-sim 4C 2.1.9

20-sim 4C 2.1.9 has been released. This build contains several bugfixes and a few improvements:

2.1.9 (19 February 2016, build 3795)


  • Bachmann: include the information from the new 20-sim 4.6 model version fields in the Bachmann module info.

General Improvements:

  • 20-sim: Register 20-sim 4C 2.1 as code generation target in 20-sim 4.6.
  • 20-sim 4C: code generation of the connection code was very slow for larger models.
  • 20-sim 4C: the connection list is now also reachable when the model is running on the target.
  • 20-sim 4C: copy the selected TCF to 20-sim 4C project cache
  • 20-sim template: optimization of the Runge Kutta 4 algorithm (less divisions and increased accuracy).
  • Bachmann: prepare the templates for hosting dynamic HTML documentation on the M1.
  • Bachmann: reduce the module loading time on Bachmann for large models.
  • Bachmann: increase the time-out for starting models on the M1.
  • Bachmann: switch to a lower task priority when wrting the model configuration file (MCF).

Bug fixes:

  • 20-sim 4C: Checkbox to disable the "Finish time" was not stored in the 20-sim 4C project.
  • 20-sim template: generated code for matrix element-wise power was wrong
  • 20-sim template: fix compilation issue with XXMatrixPowElement
  • Bachmann: model upload fails with 'Module already exist and could not be removed'
  • Bachmann: fixed a memory leak in the MCF reader
  • Bachmann: module crash when an connected I/O was not found during startup
  • Bachmann: replacing a running model
  • Bachmann: don't enable the Discover button since it is not yet supported

Download 20-sim 4C here.


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