20-sim 4C 2.1.6

20-sim 4C 2.1.6 has been released. This build contains support for the new 20-sim 4.5 bitwise operators, several bugfixes and a few improvements:


  • 20-sim 4.5 support: bitwise operator support functions are added to the templates
  • 20-sim 4.5 support: register 20-sim 4C 2.1 as code generation output in 20-sim 4.5
  • Monitor: allow saving the contents of a monitor plot as CSV file

General Improvements:

  • Bachmann: extend ISI222 module template to support the velocity, trig and input SVI variables
  • Enabled XML-RPC over serial port support for targets without ethernet
  • Documentation: changed phone number Controllab Products B.V.

Bug fixes:

  • Bachmann: Fixed: "Can't add SVI variable" error when a variable is both a state and a rate in the model
  • Bachmann: code was compiled without compiler optimization

Download 20-sim 4C here.


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