What is 20-sim 4C?

20-sim 4C helps you to run c-code on hardware to control machines and systems and do measurements. The package·is an extension to the modeling and simulation package 20-sim. Together these packages offer model based design from simulation to implementation.


Model Based Design

In model based design, control engineers use simulation models to test their controller designs. 20-sim is a modeling and simulation package that is designed specially to support controller design. Models in 20-sim can be exported to 20-sim 4C as c-code automatically. From 20-sim 4C these models can be deployed on hardware with a few mouse clicks.


20-sim 4C supports a wide variety of hardware. You can choose between hardware with open source real-time Linux or a closed source OS. Hardware with an open source OS can be purchased directly from the supplier. You have to install real-time Linux and some additional software to allow 20-sim 4C to communicate with the target.·You can also purchase hardware with all the necessary software preinstalled. The following hardware is provided:

  • TS-7300 (ARM9): This is the TS-7300 board of Technologic Systems.
  • PC: A Standard PC with extension cards for inputs and outputs.
  • PC104: Embedded PC with extension boards for inputs and outputs.

Hardware with a closed source OS is provided by third parties. The following hardware is supported:

  • Bachmann M1.


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